We have taken our dogs to Special K9 Country Resort for training and boarding for the past four years. It is about a 70 mile drive roundtrip, but worth it for us. Jenny does a terrific job!

James Richards Wichita, KS

I became acquainted with Special K 9 in May, 2017. I had a German Shepherd puppy that was out of control; he wasn't mean, just strong-willed. The owner of Special K9 was able to train me and my dog so that both our lives changed drastically for the better. She taught me how to make a fun pet with manners out of a spoiled puppy. I tell everyone she saved my dog's life! We now board with Special K9 exclusively. She cares for all her clients like they were her own.

​Penny Conard Hutchinson, KS

After getting a new Belgian Malonois pup I wasn't sure where to begin with training. I had researched the breed and knew I would need help having never trained a working dog before. I reached out to Jenny Miller at Special K9 dog training. All I can say is she does amazing work. I now have a well mannered and socialized dog. She offers both board and train and individual hands on training. Her kennel accomodations are outstanding and she is the only person I trust to board my dog. Her experience with dogs and the ability to read them makes her the top trainer in the area. You won't find anyone better!

​Rick Newton Hutchinson, KS

Buddy and Andy were rescued from the shelter in September and went to training in April together. It has been some of the best money I have spent. Since they are in their furever homes I didn't want the daily struggles of jumping on us and guests, trying to steal our food, pulling on the leash while walking, and many more issues that were listed out. Andy and Buddy ended up needing very differen...t training techniques. Jenny knew right away and gave us the tools we needed to keep them on track after training also. Our furkids also boarded there for a week and I felt very comfortable knowing they would get lots of playtime and great care!! I definitely recommend taking your dogs here whether for training or boarding!!

Amber Grossdardt ​Salina, KS

Paddy day parade with Toa and Zoey! They had way too much fun! He did AMAZING with EVERBODY and the CHAOS!!! Thank you soo much!! For everything u have done for him!!

Ashley M Baldwin Manhattan, KS

So glad I took my puppy, BJ, to Jenny. After his 3 week training and some good tips for me he is becoming the dog I wanted. Thanks Jenny!

Sharon Ledgerwood Hutchinson, KS

I just have to share. Nate took Sasha into PETCO yesterday. While he was paying he had her in a down stay. It took a while, and all these customers and dogs were coming in and out and going around her. She didn't budge. Everybody was oo-ing and ah-ing her. PETCO people said they've seen all dogs, but none that obedient! :D

Alma Henry Hutchinson, KS

What our customer's think!

Jenny is amazing with dogs. She has been so helpful with my bottle raised husky. This pup has a strong personality and Jenny has been instrumental in her developing into a controllable and well behaved dog. I highly recommend them for a place when you go on vacation too. You won't be sorry you chose her for any of your needs.
Karen Jacobs Burrton, KS

I recently rescued a large dog who needed training BAD! Jenny was amazing, now he's perfect! Also a wonderful place for kenneling. I think my Walt has more fun staying there then he does at home. I would HIGHLY recommend for training and kenneling!!

Erica Enstrom Wichita, KS

"Jenny and her team are the best!!"

Mona Stein Valley Center, KS

"Cooper just loves it there. He keeps telling me to go some place out of state so he can stay at Jenny's."

Sharon Deshazer Hutchinson, KS

Thank you again to Jenny and all employees for taking such good care of my Scooter and Bella. It's so nice to know when I drop them off that I do not have to worry about them. You all are the best! 

Lori Payne Hutchinson, KS

I still can't believe how much Jenny turned our unruly teenage pup into a well mannered gentleman. I sent a wild child and got back a respectful young man! Highly recommend her!!! 

Kelly Krepps Wesley Hutchinson, KS

Jenny helped our rescued pit mix, Brooklyn, in ways that we would have never been able to ourselves. We came to her with a young dog who was scared of everything around her and we got back a trained, confident dog who had gained tons of social skills and has truly been transformed by Jenny's training. She helped us as owners to know how to work with our dog even after her training was complete and incorporated our entire family in the training sessions. Jenny's love and compassion for dogs was evident to us right away upon meeting her. I am so thankful we found Special K9 Dog Training & Country Resort!! Do not hesitate to contact Jenny, no matter what issues you may be facing with your dog - a well trained, well mannered dog is such a joy to have around and we thank Jenny so much for giving us that with Brooklyn!!

Erin Meyers ​Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did an amazing job with our german shepherd Kelly! For the first time in years we have been able to take her out in public and travel with her without the stress of her previous aggression issues. Jenny's love and understanding of dogs made us feel comfortable leaving Kelly in her care. We highly recommend Jenny and her resort for all levels of training and boarding needs.

Shaunda Rakestraw ​Wichita, KS

​Joey and Jenny are AMAZING with my pups!!! I have seen first hand her ability to train :) She treats my pups as one of her own family :) Everytime I get my boys ready to go I always say "who is ready to go see Jenny and Joey".. They get soo excited their little butts wiggle to the car door. and off we go.

Ashleigh Williams Hutchinson, KS

Great place for your Furbabies!! My girls always have so much fun!

​Kelly Mansel Ramsey Wichita, KS

You guys are the best! Another great experience, Bentleys home and smells good from his bath and is happy! Thank you for always taking such great care of him while we're gone!

​Tyler Etienne Hutchinson, KS

I am so glad I found Jenny and Special K9 Training. She gave me the tools and guidance I needed to work with a high drive dog. My wife is really Happy. It' an ongoing process as it should be. It takes daily commitment but the rewards of a well mannered dog are worth it. The best part that I have experienced is the bond that we have developed.

​Rick Newton Hutchinson, KS

Whiskey is a "new" dog after just one training session! We're really encouraged about our dog.

Myrla Haury Halstead, KS

Jenny did an outstanding job with our boy, Nikko. He was a bit aggressive and didn't have any manners! Now he obeys commands and has a  much better attitude and behavior. :) Would highly recommend her!!!!

​Kelly Rayl ​Hutchinson, KS

Before we took our young GSD to Jenny, I couldn't handle him on my own. After a few weeks with Jenny, he came home a much calmer and happier dog. Having no experience with dogs before, the lessons after the training helped tremendously. J...enny worked with me and showed me what I needed to do to communicate better with Gunnar and get him to listen to me. Now I take him with me anywhere he is allowed to come with me and we have a great relationship. It was worth every penny. We would send him back to Jenny in a heartbeat if we ever needed help with anything.

Lindsay Ratliff ​Manhattan, KS

Thank you for what you have done with Harley. She is so much better. Only been home one night but quite a difference. She laid in her spot and purrcy our cat was lying on the floor about ten feet from her. Amazing! Not saying she didn't test us some but a lot better. Thanks!

Kay Gerwert Hutchinson, KS

Jenny Miller IS THE BEST TRAINER EVER!!! She IS the best thing that you could ever have in yours and your dogs life!! It is very well worth the money! I was totally amazed with what all she did for our ACE. Our dog would of ripped yo...ur head off, and ate you for a snack, but Jenny was within a few feet of him for about 10 minutes (not interacting) while Ace was with us, he barked, tugged, jumped, lunched, but after a few minutes, Jenny took his leash, and off hey went, and they walked together for 5 minutes when she reached down, stuck her face in his face and asked for a kiss, and I froze I fear, afraid he would bite, but , to my surprise, he continuely licked her face. She has a way with ANY animal. I love her to pieces!!!!

Kelly Willis ​Hutchinson, KS

My dog Tink likes going there. I love the pictures she posts of my dog while I'm gone.​

​Danny Leetch Hutchinson, KS

Our fur babies LOVE Jenny, and are very excited to go see her again in a couple weeks!!! Wish she'd train our humans :-p

​Jodi Elliot Newton, KS

Jenny is awesome at what she does! you will not be disappointed...and does follow ups to make sure everything is still going as she taught...and makes it a family teaching so all is taught to kids also! We all Just love how Goober has done complete turn around with the help of Jenny!

Lori Lowe
Great Bend, KS

Jenny, THANK YOU for what you have done with Mot n Rock. Absolutely a PHENOMINAL job!!!!! Mel n I are referring you to all our friends n family so hopefully u guys will be seeing their pups soon. Take care and God Bless....

John Espinoza Wichita, KS

We are so impressed and blown away by the progress and change that Special K9 Dog Training & Country Resort, LLC. has made in our dogs' behavior! Amazing!

Amy Foutch Manhattan, KS

The BEST!! Will never use anyone else.

Erin Meyers ​Hutchinson, KS

FANTASTIC place for your pet!!!!! They even post pictures on FB to show you how much fun he/she is having. It was a huge relief for us to leave our new dog with them and to see pictures of her having fun eased our minds and allowed us to enjoy our vacation without worry!​

Tracy Heironimus Mims Sterling, KS​

We boarded our girl, Ellie, over the holidays. This was Ellie's first time away from home, so we were worried about how she would do. Also, being an only dog, she is not used to being around other dogs. They took great care of her and made sure to play with her, since she couldn't play with the other dogs (just couldn't take that risk). It was nice to see pictures posted while we were away too. Thanks, Special K9, for treating her so well! 

Susan Stehr Embers Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did a fabulous job with my hyper girl and my stubborn boy. Money VERY well spent! Thank you!

Jessica Davis Pratt, KS

We could not be more pleased with our experience with Jenny and Special K9. She is incredibly effective at training both you and your pup! Our only regret is that we did not contact her sooner.

​Jessica Gillette Hutchinson, KS

Jenny's training has been absolutely wonderful. She not only made our great dane Rufus a much better family member but she also gave us the tools we need to continue with his training. We are so glad we decided to send our puppy to Jenny, it was worth every penny and so much more. Thank you so much!

Alisha McVey Hutchinson, KS

(620) 708-2923

​I love taking my baby boy here! He always has such a good time running around with the other dogs. I love that Jenny knows that fur mom's need to see their babies. She posts pictures and videos so you can keep up with them while you're away. She's so sweet and I definitely recommend.

Shela Spencer ​Buhler, KS

Our two pups were wore out from their 4 day stay at Special K9 Country Resort. It was obvious they had a blast and were sort of like kids that came home from camp. Glad to be home but missing their "friends"! Thank you Jenny and crew!!! 

​Terri Leroy Hutchinson, KS

I enrolled my dog, Roxy, in the 3-week board and train session, not really sure about the outcome. What Jenny was able to do with Roxy was even better than I had hoped. . Roxy is now well behaved and a really fun companion. Jenny is AMAZING. I know she truly enjoys working with dogs. Her instructions for me were so very helpful. I highly recommend Jenny and the Special K9 Dog Training and Country Resort.

Sandra Carey ​Hutchinson, KS


Special K9 is one of the best training and boarding facilities in the area. The owner has a passion for all dogs, and handles them with a firm, but caring hand. Her facility is exceptionally clean and comfortable for boarding dogs of all sizes. We have taken our golden doodle there since the year she opened. We like the "country resort" part of the business name, and think our dog Max gets a vacation when we are away from home.

Sam Mosier Hutchinson, KS

​We live in Wichita but Special K9 in Burrton is our dogs home away from home and our three dogs have also taken lessons there. We travel quite often and have to board them, and as soon as we hit the dirt roads by the resort my dogs go crazy. They love staying at the resort and can't wait to get behind the fences and play and be pampered. Her training techniques are very impressive. Not only does she train the dogs but trains us too so our household (which also includes 5 kids) is not so crazy. They make training not so overwhelming. They also consider your household needs and help with personalizing commands and directions to follow the household wishes. Plus they explain the reasons why certain commands are important. We have learned so much from them and feel very confident that if we have any questions along the way they are very willing to help. They are also very flexible. We have had issues that made the boarding days change even last minute and they always make it work. They are all so kind and most of all you can count on them to take great care of your dogs while you are away.

​Juli Voloch Wichita, KS

Jenny is amazing and did amazing work with the behavior modification of our boy, we get so many compliments on him now.

​Maura Cornell Eddy Luka, KS

If you are looking for a 5 Star Resort & all the love & fun that you know your fur-babies deserve - Jenny & her team - Joey especially <3 are the ones to provide it.​
​Patty Snyder ​Hutchinson, KS

 I am the proud owner of the Meisenheimer Trio as Jenny refers to them (at least in front of me) and I would highly recommend this facility for your fur babies!

Sharla Meisenheimer Hutchinson, KS

What they did for Shuunka was amazing. I had considered having to give him up so he wouldn`t hurt one of my grandchildren with his enthusiasm. Now, he is a much calmer, more polite companion! Never thought I`d see the day!

Mary Bellamy Plevna, KS

"Great place Took great care of my puppies!!! So very happy."
Shannon Wichman Hutchinson, KS

Thank you for taking such good care of my pups! It was a long trip. It's nice to know they were in good hands!

Kathy Bourell Hutchinson, KS

This is a great place took our dog out to get a bath and nails clipped very clean very caring a great place!!!

​Terri Pitts Burrton, KS

I was thrilled with our experience with Jenny and her Assistants. My girl Bella had never been away from home and they made her and myself comfortable with the stay. I appreciated all the messages and pictures that they shared to help ease my worries. Thank you all!!

Michelle Fiest Guthrie Hutchinson, KS


Thanks for taking such good care of Butter. You are wonderful !

Kristy Fairchild Sourk Hutchinson, KS 

I can't thank you enough! I am so proud of my boy Jack! Happy to have him back home and able to be a part of society. I am also proud that I have (and will continue) learned to be a source of confidence, for him. I promise to bring him back up, for visits!

Penny Deboer Andover, KS

My Penny Rose and Mr. Barkley are home tonight and laid at my feet while I read a book... very calm. AMAZING.
This is their 1st night home with me, and we are all learning. They are testing me, but minding quite well. They are content and happy and so am I....
Thank you Jenny for your amazing love and training. This was incredible.
We will keep working on our training at home.

​Kathleen Shields Udall, KS

We have used Special K9 both for training and for boarding, and I could not be happier with the services they provide. We came to ***** with a very defiant puppy, and we now have a well-mannered, gentle member of the family. She gave us the tools we needed to help our pup fit into our home. We also regularly board our dog with Special K9 when we travel out of town, and love how well cared for he is. Regular playtimes, climate controlled kennels, clean, and we can see pictures of him playing with his friends each day.

​Jessica Gillette Hutchinson, KS

Just boarded my dog there for the last 8 days and highly recommend it! Thanks Jenny!

Heike Ettwein Kirk Burrton, KS

Jenny has been great! I've done advanced training, beginners training, and boarding with our dogs with her. She goes above and beyond. Extremely knowledgeable and you can tell she is passionate about her profession.

​Melissa Moffitt-Craft Pratt, KS

Quick update on Marley, she's continuing to do really well! We continue to be consistent with commands and I am amazed at how much she continues to progress! I thank you every day!

Jeanie Harper ​Desoto, KS

Special K9 dog training resort is the best thing that's ever happened to me and our Harley. You don't only get the dog trained you get the person (me ) also trained. I would highly recommend the facility staff is knowledgeable and friendly and very helpful. Harleyloves going to board there.

​Jennifer Truman Hutchinson, KS

I feel very fortunate when I decided to find a dog trainer and boarding facility that I found "Special K9 Dog Training & Country Resort";  Jenny provided exceptional care/training of our German shepherd girl: Cora! Jenny has a calm demeanor and is extremely reliable and trustworthy. Her immense understanding of dogs and their owners is incredible; she discovers your "fur babies" personality and quirks, and then skillfully trained us as "parents" how to continue the training. Plus we have had some remediation of our training with Jenny that proved timely to get our Cora back on track. Highly recommend you visit her website/facebook page to learn more about what this business can offer. Thank you Jenny!

​Donna Orphin Burrton, KS

We have no words to thank Jenny and George for what they have done with our dog, we took a wild little guy and got a well behaved dog back. Thanks Jenny!!! Is worth every penny!!

Pepe Banuelos Derby, KS

Our two dogs were wonderfully cared for here! I loved seeing the Facebook photos of them playing with the other dogs!

​Cathy Forbes Hutchinson, KS

Very pleased with the service! Boarded my dog for the weekend. Was very nervous as it was the first time, but enjoyed seeing pictures of her having fun with the other dogs. The owner was very helpful and understanding! Chloe will be back! Thanks for being so great with my baby!

​Amanda Steeves Burrton, KS

They took very good care of our wild child Chasity at Christmas time last year. Great people.

Misty Reeves Corn Hutchinson, KS

Jenny and her team definitely go above and beyond when caring for your dogs. We have had our dogs boarded there several times and it's great having a peace of mind knowing they are in good hands. Highly recommend.

A​nne  Ratzlaff Haven, KS


Was very happy with Isabelle's experience. I was worried about separation issues with my dog as she tends to get nervous when I'm gone. Belle was happy to see me of course after a 8 day stay but you could tell she had no panic (not the omg where have you been). Isabelle seemed very at ease which was something I had not expected being gone so long. Jenny has a wonderful understanding of our creature kids and will be my first call next time I have to travel.

Mike Miller Hutchinson, KS

Seriously the best!!! I've never had another boarding place let me know how my dog was doing and also keep me posted on the weather and the safety of the dogs!

Whitney Love Parr ​Hutchinson, KS

Always amazing!! Jenny truly cares about each and every dog, and I know my babies are in the best hands possible while at Special K9! They are always so happy when we pull up, knowing they are going to have a great stay! Thank you!!

Ashley Furman Wichita, KS

"One word "amazing"....!!!"

Laurie Jones​ Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did a superb job with our hard headed doberman puppy Duke. He was very mischievous and ornery. She was able to focus and train him to do things we didn't think would be possible in the three short weeks. We highly recommend Special K9 for all your training and boarding needs.

Shelly Reynolds ​Hutchinson, KS

Boarded our dog for several days. Owner was great to deal with, excellent communication, and Facebook pictures made it nice to see our dog while away. Highly recommend.

​Craig Walle Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did a amazing job with Boone, her compassion and caring for animals was great, her knowledge in dog training was phenomenal! We highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to train your dog.

Mona Benewiat ​Halstead, KS

Jenny did a great job with our stubborn American bulldog. Unbelievable what she can accomplish in three weeks. Highly recommend her for any dog training.
Jed & Adrienne Tennison Wichita, KS

Jenny did  an excellent job training my husband and self. We have a very smart German Shepherd and needed some help with her. She gave us some good tools and we are working daily with SAM. I would highly recommended Jenny.

Ann Peck ​Hutchinson, KS

Our two pups were wore out from their 4 day stay at Special K9 Country Resort. It was obvious they had a blast and were sort of like kids that came home from camp. Glad to be home but missing their "friends"! Thank you Jenny and crew!!!

​Terri Leroy Hutchinson, KS

Jenny is awesome! Great boarding and training. Lots of love and a family environment with activities and other services for the dogs during their stay.

​Mike Wyatt Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did an amazing job helping myself, as well as, my girlfriend Nicole in training Bear, our husky mix. He was aggressive and trying to be dominate in the house towards our other husky. In only a matter of 30 days, Jenny took Bear and transformed him completely. He was stubborn but with time put in he is a 1000 times better than he was! This is the only place I will take a dog for training from now on! Looking forward to continuing the relationship with training our first husky and taking our pups to some fun classes like agility!

Nick May ​Wichita, KS

I can attest to the fact that Special K9 Dog Training/Jenny has made a world of difference with our wild & crazy & extremely bad mannered pup, Scout. After 2 weeks so far!!! The first lesson day, Scout pulled me down before we got inside. After an hour of basic commands, she walked nicely to the car. So thankful!

​Donna Gibson Fry Hutchinson, KS

Gabe had his first therapy dog visit at a school today. You would have been proud of him, I know I was. Thank you for training him to be such a gentleman/dog.

​Melinda Lang Hutchinson, KS

I pray that this goes out for all to see. I was recently hospitalized for open heart surgery to have a double bypass! Nobody stayed at my home but myself and my pitbull HARLEY. I basically was just trying to board him while i was in the hospital and recuperating at home for a few weeks but when I found out that Jenny also trained dogs, i wondered if their was a chance she could help my HARLEY. I rescued him as a puppy and he was beyond BADDD! Well i picked him up yesterday, and I am still aw/struck at the transformation she brought about to his life. The money that i spent was worth every penny! THANK YOU.

Tony Wilson Wichita, KS

Special K9 Dog Training &
Country Resort, LLC.

While I am in New York for the summer they take my dog to Jenny's. Zoe loves doggie camp and Jenny knows her stuff! Zoe is so much less aggressive.

​Cindy Mood Hutchinson, KS

Excellent with helping us "educate" our year old, Strong -willed dog! She came to our house; worked around our schedule! Recommend Jenny, highly!

Samantha Baumann Burrton, KS

I cannot say enough good things about this resort and the owners. I have boarded my dog here a few times and plan on more in the future! They have been more than accommodating to our family during a difficult time and we cannot thank them enough!! I highly recommend this no-worry option for boarding your dog(s). Love the Facebook photos to check in on my baby while he's there too!!

​Jackie Payne-Unruh Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did so awesome with Remi! She scaled 6 foot fences, would walk me on a leash, would jump on anyone and everyone that walked through the door, and had no sense of "stay". Jenny was our saving Grace, this was our last resort from having to find her a large farm to live on to run around on and it worked. She does not jump, can stay in our 4 foot chain link fence, will down stay during cooking, supper, or anything we want her to really, and I can actually walk with her! Definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs help with training!

Callie Miller Great Bend, KS

Jenny is one of the most amazing trainers I've had the pleasure of dealing with! Top notch!
Ashley Peiffer Beauties & Beasts, Inc.

Jenny is nothing short of amazing! I would highly recommend Special K9 to anyone - whether it be for training or boarding. The facilities are clean and well taken care of. I really liked that there were several play periods throughout the day, so your pup wasn't just in a kennel all day.

We have two puppies, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab, that we sent through the three week training in February. The results were amazing - much better than I was anticipating!

I used to be embarrassed to invite people over due to fear of how my dogs would act - but this weekend we had 15-20 people over and the dogs actually behaved. They now know door manners, basic commands, and will walk on a leash. It was like a complete 180.

Jenny posts pictures and videos of the dogs regularly, so you can see your four-legged family member often, which I loved!

Thank you Jenny and the rest of your crew for taking such great care of our babies. We will definitely utilize their services in the future!

​Jessica Zongker Hutchinson, KS

Jenny did an excellent job with our young husky, Ari. We enrolled her in the basic obedience camp (3 weeks of training) and have been extremely happy with the results. It has been about five months since the class ended and Ari still has her manners. I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on a puppy, without being able know exactly what I'd be getting, but it is definitely worth it.

Karen Jacobs Burrton, KS

Jenny does a great job communicating regarding the dogs, and you can tell she has a genuine care for them. I can't recommend Special K9 Dog Training enough!

Tyler Davis ​Hutchinson, KS

After the care of our dogs went downhill at our previous boarding place, I decided to try Special K9 after reading through some of the reviews. They have only stayed there once so far, but I have definitely found their new vacation home! Jenny is great, and it is obvious she keeps a careful eye on everyone and truly cares about all of the furries that stay with her. Our dogs had a blast, and it was fun to see them playing in the daily pictures she would post of playtime! We could rest easy knowing they were in great hands. Thanks, Jenny!

Michelle Ernst Hutchinson, KS

I've waited about a year and half to leave a review. I turned my dog. Osiris over to Jenny for training as he was very aggressive toward my neighbors dogs. There was constant attacks on the fence. Those days are almost forgotten. My German Shepherd intact male has a high play drive, high prey drive and is not a lazy boy. He however a great citizen of the neighborhood and has changed minds and hearts in the last year and a half. We continue to train every day, no breaks! Jenny left me with tools to use. I've been building on the basics and am happy to say Osiris and I have a really special relationship that may have not been possible without Jenny's help. We still struggle meeting new dogs, but our "territory" is no longer a battlefield.

I really want to have him return for advance obedience training - but I can't seem to be able to let him go!

​Gary Green 

Salina, KS

A great environment with caring people. Our dogs love going there to socialize and make new friends. Jenny is the best!James Richard Wichita, KS

Wonderful facility and awesome care for your fur child. Check them out if you ever have a need!

​Julie Fuller Douglass, KS

Highly recommend for great quality care & love for your dogs! Amazing resort for your dogs!​

​Katrina Gardner Hutchinson, KS

Excellent resort for your dogs!!!

Pam Robison Hutchinson, KS